1.      Fake Tans

A nice tan is the unspoken secret to a hot summer bod! Looking orange is so nott!  There is nothing worse than a fake tan that screams “I am too lazy to hit up the beach so I used a  crappy self tanner and a tanning bed.”


2.      Red Lipstick

Some woman can really pull off red lipstick yet others need to take it off!  Red Lipstick is simply more scary than classy.  Think twice before pairing up bloody vampire lips with a cute cocktail dress.


3.       EZ Pass on the windshield

Talk about a gorgeous 2010 summer! While beaches are fun, the traffics are not. More and more drivers are getting an EZPass to avoid lining up for the tolls.  But, a white plastic transponder on the car windshield is like a huge pimple on the forehead. It sure could use some cover up.


4.      Crocs

They are very comfortable and perfect to wear at the beach.  However, the original crocs are  huge fashion mishaps. They remind me of a little Dutch boy with clogs on. If you love your crocs, at least get a pair with designs.


5.      Oversized bug Sunglasses

They are stylish, and they are absolutely sexy. But no matter how cute they are, a pair of oversized bug sunglasses make any woman look like a fly. 


6.      Gladiator Sandals

They are a fashion trend but at the end of the day, Gladiators are just not cute!   They look like something the Ancient Greeks wore thousands of years ago, but decked out with sequins and straps. It’s just overboard.


7.       Over Bleached Hair

It seems like even the darkest brunettes attempt to be play boy bunny blonde in the summer.  However, the over bleached fake blonde hair makes them look more like a drag queen than a model.  I guess blondes have more fun?