Car Gifts & Car Gadgets December 02 2010

 Ever get stuck wondering what to buy for Christmas? It happens to us all the time! However, this year we are here if you happen to be looking for something special for anyone who likes their car and is looking for a car gift or car gadget. We have a unique car gadget gift that we know that they do not have. How do we know that? Because we just started making these this year. 

 Looking for car gifts is especially hard to find because car lovers are selective about what they want in their cars. There is a good chance that if you guy the wrong car gadget, it will end up sitting in the trunk or in their garage to collect dust. It is also tough to shop for car lovers because there is a pretty good chance that someone else already bought them the very car gift you are about to buy. 

 This year buy him/her a one-of-a-kind car gift that they will definitely use and keep for a long time. Our EZpass holder also holds other toll transponders such as the Ipass and Fastlane Pass and is something your car lover will see every time they get in their car. It works on your windshield and on your dashboard. Each toll pass holder comes with a free pair of black 3M velcro and a custom fitted non-slip pad designed to hold our T-Case on your dashboard without any adhesives. Please don't wait till the last minute!