Car Lover Gifts December 13 2010

Are you searching for a gift for that hard-to-please car lover? Are you lost on what he/she might like or does not already have? Well then let me tell you about one of the most unique and obscure car lover gifts I have ever heard of. The Tonic T Case is a one-of-a-kind premium case for your EZ Pass, Ipass, Fastlane Pass. This case fits snugly around your ugly white toll transponder and seals itself with hidden velcro. It then stays in place on your windshield or dashboard with either an included free-of-charge non-slip pad that is made to fit and non-permanent or the supplied 3M Black Velcro. No assembly is required and the case is made to permit the transponder's radio signal to work through its material. A premium EZ Pass holder might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for gifts for a car enthusiast but that is exactly why it is the perfect gift. He doesn't have one and won't have a clue that he's about to get one. At the same time, every car lover who ever goes through a toll booth in the many states that use the EZ Pass, Ipass, or Fast Lane Pass, should despise their toll transponder and will appreciate your gift. Car lover gifts are many and car enthusiasts are choosy but the Tonic T Case is a safe and thoughtful choice.