Car Accessories Gift December 16 2010

As Christmas nears I am getting more and more questions and statements like "what should I get" and "I haven't bought diddly and I don't even know where to start". I don't know if I can help you find something for your grandmother or your dog but if your buying a present for anyone who drives a car, then you are in luck. We have a unique car accessory that they will definitely use and will keep longer than almost anything else that you could buy them. We are going to be doing a white elephant event in our office and if we didn't already have Tonic T Cases, I would be buying a dozen of these car accessories and using them as stocking stuffers, giving them out to my car fanatic friends, and then keeping one for myself. Finding a car accessories gift is not easy to find but in this case it is. 

Tonic Concepts carries EZPass Holders, Ipass Holders, Fastlane Pass holders, in 8 different designs, one of which, will definitely suit you. If you have ever asked someone who loves their car if they've ever gotten a car accessories gift that they disliked, they will probably say yes. Car accessories are an extension of your car and if you love your car you are going to be a little picky about what goes in there. If you get the wrong color steering wheel cover or the wrong feeling smelling car-freshener, you might find that gift re-gifted to someone else next Christmas. This is why you need to consider the unique Tonic T Case as a go-to car accessories gift this year. Think about it. There is not a single person I have ever met who liked the way their EZ Pass or Ipass looked and most people have it up hanging in the center of their windshield anyway. Some people try to hide it behind their rear-view mirror but if you take a look from the outside, its not fooling anyone. The Tonic T Case is such a simple and "no-brainer" improvement car accessory. When you think car accessories gift or ANY gift this Christmas, think of us.

Don't forget to order by Friday 17th (we might be able to swing Saturday 18th) for guaranteed shipping before Christmas!