Fastrak - Wide


At last, a premium Fastrak cover. This beautiful case holds your Fastrak (California) toll transponder firmly on your dashboard or windshield with your choice of Velcro or Nonslip pad. Pick one free with purchase. Just slip your Fastrak into our case, close the back and see the difference. No more hiding your toll pass in your glove compartment; no more scrambling to find it as you approach the toll booth. No longer will you have to shame your car with that ugly white box in your windshield. 

This particular size Fastrak cover is made for the wide Fastrak which applies to most units obtained post-2011. If you are not sure which size you are looking for just click on this link.

*This particular holder fits California toll transponders only. For EZ-Pass, I-Pass Holders please see our other products.

Tonic Concepts is not affiliated with EZ-Pass, I-Pass, Fastlane Pass, Fastrak or any other tolling authority. EZ-Pass, I-Pass, Fastlane Pass, and Fastrak are all trademarked by their respective companies. 

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