Black 3M Velcro


 This is the same velcro (but in black!) that comes originally with the EZ-Pass, I Pass, Fastrak, Etc. and is heat resistant, ultra-strong, and designed to keep your toll tag securely on your windshield. (recommended for those who order darker color T-Cases and plan to place their toll tag on their windshield).

This order includes 2 - 2 inch strips of 3M Black Velcro. It does not come with enough to replace the velcro already attached to your toll-tag if you have managed to remove it. 

Please keep in mind that each T Case order comes with a free pair of 3M Black Velcro. Order this additional pair if you have an additional vehicle or do not currently already have clear velcro on your toll device (most come with veclro already attached from the manufacturer.


Tonic Concepts is not directly affiliated with 3M which is a trademarked company.

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