The X Factor Holder



T Case from Kenny Wu on Vimeo.



The X Factor Toll Pass Holder. Artist-designed. Trendy and Slick. This is a different design for those looking for something more unique in their Luxury EZ Pass Cover.


designed by artist Christina Ng.

All T Cases come with FREE 3M Black Velcro 

This Case Fits: 

EZ Pass Toll Tag 
In June of 2012, EZ-Pass in New Jersey has released a smaller version of their transponder (only applies to new EZ-Pass subscribers or those swapping older EZ-Passes with expired batteries). Unfortunately this particular cover will not fit this case. For our 2012-2013 cover please see our new 2013 EZPass Holder / 2013 IPass Holder
Tonic Concepts is not affiliated with EZ-Pass, I-Pass, Fastlane Pass, Fastrak or any other tolling authority. EZ-Pass, I-Pass, Fastlane Pass, and Fastrak are all trademarked by their respective companies. 

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