Rutgers EZ-Pass Cover


Tonic Concepts is proud to present our first collaboration with edgy and up-and-coming collegiate clothing company, Chop Shop U. This licensed Rutgers University EZ-Pass holder is a refreshing twist on our basic Bold Black design and features an embroidered logo on front and back as well as a slick red stitching along all edges. Now cover that ugly white EZ-Pass with some Rutgers pride!



-also fits I-Pass and Fastlane Pass

- comes with 2 strips (1 stack) of black 3M dual lock velcro 


Who wouldn't want a nicer EZ-Pass? Order at least 1 extra for a friend for free shipping! 


In June of 2012, EZ-Pass in New Jersey has released a smaller version of their transponder (only applies to new EZ-Pass subscribers or those swapping older EZ-Passes with expired batteries). Unfortunately our cases do yet fit this new size. We hope to have a new design available by the summer of 2013. If you have purchased our product already, please return for a full refund and a coupon code for discount on our new design when it is released. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Rutgers EZ-Pass Covers are produced exclusively for Chop Shop U who has a licensing agreement with Rutgers University. Tonic Concepts is not affiliated with Rutgers University or with EZ-Pass both of which are registered trademarks.

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