Nice Car. UGLY Toll Tag.


The Tonic T Case

Your car's nice but your toll tag is not. Some people scramble to find the tag in the cup holder or glove compartment as they approach  the toll booth, others simply put the tag behind the rear-view mirror. The truth is, the unattractive white tag is STILL VISIBLE from the outside. The patent-pending T Case is designed for you to proudly display your tag on the windshield or camouflage it with the dashboard. Unlike the plastic holders and stickers out there, our high quality cases come with black 3M Velcro (to replace the existing white Velcro, if preferred) and a custom-made non-slip pad to secure the case. Used alone, the non slip pad can hold phones, keys, and sunglasses. 


Customize the tag to add your organization and company logos on the front and back. Search and compare the other solutions available and you will see that the versatile T Case set is the best deal in the industry!

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