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EZ Pass Holder 

The EZ Pass Holder is an attractive, premium holder for toll tags, specifically the EZ Pass, iPass and Fast Lane Pass. Covers are available for each of these passes as well. These one-of-a-kind cases and holders are made from luxurious leather and are manufactured to blend in with a vehicle and not draw attention to the aforementioned tags. Each fits perfectly into the holders designed for them. The EZ Pass Holder can be placed in one of two places in the cars interior, on the dashboard or the inside of the windshield.

The EZ Pass Holder is manufactured by Tonic Concepts. The company creates both one-size-fits all holders and customized ones. The latter can be imprinted with a logo or designed specifically to an individual’s or business’s specifications.

When an individual orders an EZ Pass Holder, they receive two free gifts, a custom non-slip pad and black 3M velcro. The complementary custom non-slip pad will prevent the holder from moving. It will keep it in place, seemingly invisibly. The pad helps keep windshields free of the spots or streaks that characterize other pass holders. The fact that the pad is not permanent, allows the holder or case to be easily removed and put away when necessary.

Individuals whose travels dictate that they regularly use an EZ Pass have probably had the experience of desperately trying to find their EZ Pass but to no avail. Fruitlessly scrounging through their glove compartment, purse, wallet or cup holder can be quite frustrating, especially when the pass is needed immediately. Individuals that have experienced the aforementioned completely understand the value of a having a holder designed to make a toll pass accessible whenever they’re needed.  

Keeping ones toll tag in a case or holder which can be mounted to the dashboard or windshield can save an individual a significant amount of time and frustration. Instead of scrambling to looking for it when a person arrives at a toll booth, they will already have it within reach.

The EZ Pass Holder is different from most other similarly designed products. It is made from luxury leather, can be customized and doesn’t look out of place in even the most expensive, luxurious cars, trucks and SUVs. Convenience doesn’t have to be unattractive. The EZ Pass Holder manages to be the former without succumbing to the latter. They are well made, expertly designed and fully functional. Individuals that are tired of cheap looking toll tag holders and wish to upgrade, should consider the EZ Pass Holder.





FROM:                  Tonic Concepts, 35 Journal Square, #1101, Jersey City, NJ 07306, USA,

CONTACT:           Victor, Owner, (702) 608-6642,


Tonic Concepts Releases Tonic T Case, Claiming To Be #1 Luxury Toll Pass Holder On The Market!

Tonic Concepts, a New Jersey-based company that recently launched “The Tonic T Case, a premium toll device holder that puts emphasis on aesthetics, is today announcing the product can now available online at

“Anyone who drives and uses a toll transponder knows how ugly it is and will understand why a case like this is useful,” said Victor, owner of Tonic Concepts, located in jersey City, NJ.

“It is a unique gift that most people don’t have. Each case is made with either PU leather or genuine leather depending on model,” he added.

The new The Tonic T Case, created by Tonic Concepts, is being hailed by its creator Victor as “only one of its kind that we know of.”

Claiming also to be the number-one source for premium luxury leather ez pass holders and ez pass covers, Tonic Concepts is best known as the one-of-a-kind T-case supplier. According to Victor, it doesn’t matter your preference in their product selection, as all their products fits perfectly as an ez pass holder, Fast Lane Holder, and iPass Holder.

“The T-case is the number-one luxury toll pass holder on the market. Your car looks great, don't ruin it with an ugly toll tag. Find the T-case right for you,” said Victor.

The innovative Tonic T CASE, added Victor, gives drivers the option of having a blemish-free windshield or to luxuriously encase their toll tag in the location it is accustomed to. “Our holder is tested to work in most cars while your EZPass is enclosed on the dash or on your windshield,” Victor noted.

The thing that makes the Tonic T CASE holders stand out above the rest, said Victor, is that they are the only ones that focus on aesthetics. “The others are plastic or just a sticker. It is also the only one that allows you to have the option of leaving it on your dashboard using our complementary non-slip pad that fits underneath,” he said.

For further information, please contact: Victor, Owner, (702) 608-6642,, or visit

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