Our Story

I've heard that many of the best business ideas come from simply wanting to solve your own everyday problems. Well in 2009, I had a problem with the way my EZ Pass looked in my windshield and I would keep it in my glove compartment until I would desperately (which is also pretty dangerous) scramble for it when I would reach the toll-booth.

After about a year of doing this, enough was enough and I went online to find a solution. There were several websites that sold EZ Pass related solutions online and I bought the best looking one that I found. The first one I purchased turned out to be simply a sticker that you place on your windshield and the second was a flimsy plastic cover that looked like something I could have made myself. I tried case after case and holder after holder and before I knew it, I had pretty much purchased every case and holder that I could find online. Seeing my frustration, my friend suggested that I just make my own and the rest is history.

The cases that you see are the result of many designs and prototypes from various manufacturers. For us, there is not room for any products that we wouldn't use ourselves. We hope that you're as happy with our product as we are.

- Tonic Concepts



Tonic Concepts is not affiliated with EZ-Pass, I-Pass, Fastlane Pass, Fastrak or any other tolling authority. EZ-Pass, I-Pass, Fastlane Pass, and Fastrak are all trademarked by their respective companies.