Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale November 26 2014

In the spirit of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we are offering site-wide free shipping on all orders! Just use promo code "Gobble2" at checkout!.

Offer good till December 2nd.

Announcing our newest ezpass holder / ipass holder now in stock! October 24 2013

Our latest and greatest creation, the 2013 T Case is now officially in stock on our website and also on This new design is made to fit the new smaller I-Pass / EZ-Pass which was first introduced in June of 2012. If you got an EZ-Pass or I-Pass since that date, chances are that you have their new smaller design. Our sleek cover will hide that ugly transponder and securely mount it to your windshield with the help of 2 high quality suction cups.

New and Improved Website! July 25 2013

 After about a year, we have launched a brand new and improved website! Stay tuned for some exciting news on a brand new product launch!

Fastrak! Its Here! March 29 2012

 Finally! After months of fitting, realizing there were two different Fastrak sizes (who knew!?), resizing, and resizing again , we now have a Fastrak holder in both sizes available and in-stock! Now our friends in California can stop being embarrassed about their toll tags too. To figure out which size Fastrak you have, just click on this link to see pictures of both.




Thanks to all our fans and customers who encouraged us to look towards the west coast!

Check out our new Video! August 22 2011

 Check our our new and improved Video! Watch it to see why we make the ipass holder / EzPass holder / Fastlane Pass holder.


T Case from Kenny Wu on Vimeo.


Bold Black is Back!!! August 16 2011

 New Bold Black stock has arrived! This is our most popular iPass Holder / EZ Pass Holder. A special thanks to all of our patient customers who pre-ordered and took advantage of our special pre-order price.

New Stock! March 29 2011

Our Bold Black and Black Gold ez pass holders are now in stock! Thanks to all who took advantage of our share sale and those pre-ordered. Look out for your cases in the mail soon!

Pre-Order Now! February 16 2011

Our most popular holders, the bold black and black gold, are currently out-of stock. However, we are making more and expect them to be available in March. For your convenience, both holders are now available for pre-order. Pre-ordering guarantees shipment the day after they arrive in our shop so order today!

Bold Black and Black Gold out of stock December 28 2010

Due to heavy demand, our two most popular T Cases, the Black Gold, and Bold Black designs are currently out of stock. We expect to have more by the end of January. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Last Minute Car Gifts December 17 2010

 Christmas is closer than you think. I hope you've done all of your shopping because I sure haven't. Unfortunately all of my friends already have a T Case so I am out of luck. However, if you haven't done the same, we have a last minute car gift that will make your holiday gifting easy.The Tonic T Case makes an easy car gift because its unique, everyone who drives needs one, and everyone who likes their car (even a little bit) will appreciate one. On top of that, you won't need to break open your piggy bank to buy one of our premium EZ Pass, IPass, Fastlane Pass holders. The Tonic T Case comes in a variety of colors and is made to work on your dashboard, using a complimentary custom-fit non-slip pad, or on your windshield, using complimentary black 3M velcro. This is a last minute car gift that you can order with a click of a button today or tomorrow (saturday the 18th) and still get to you in time. Any day after that and you are pushing it if you are still ordering standard delivery. Think easy last minute car gift. Think Tonic Concepts and our T Case.

Please order no later than Sunday the 19th to ensure shipping before Christmas via standard shipping. Please purchase the "expedited shipping product" to guarantee 2-3 day shipping via UPS.

Happy Holidays!

Car Accessories Gift December 16 2010

As Christmas nears I am getting more and more questions and statements like "what should I get" and "I haven't bought diddly and I don't even know where to start". I don't know if I can help you find something for your grandmother or your dog but if your buying a present for anyone who drives a car, then you are in luck. We have a unique car accessory that they will definitely use and will keep longer than almost anything else that you could buy them. We are going to be doing a white elephant event in our office and if we didn't already have Tonic T Cases, I would be buying a dozen of these car accessories and using them as stocking stuffers, giving them out to my car fanatic friends, and then keeping one for myself. Finding a car accessories gift is not easy to find but in this case it is. 

Tonic Concepts carries EZPass Holders, Ipass Holders, Fastlane Pass holders, in 8 different designs, one of which, will definitely suit you. If you have ever asked someone who loves their car if they've ever gotten a car accessories gift that they disliked, they will probably say yes. Car accessories are an extension of your car and if you love your car you are going to be a little picky about what goes in there. If you get the wrong color steering wheel cover or the wrong feeling smelling car-freshener, you might find that gift re-gifted to someone else next Christmas. This is why you need to consider the unique Tonic T Case as a go-to car accessories gift this year. Think about it. There is not a single person I have ever met who liked the way their EZ Pass or Ipass looked and most people have it up hanging in the center of their windshield anyway. Some people try to hide it behind their rear-view mirror but if you take a look from the outside, its not fooling anyone. The Tonic T Case is such a simple and "no-brainer" improvement car accessory. When you think car accessories gift or ANY gift this Christmas, think of us.

Don't forget to order by Friday 17th (we might be able to swing Saturday 18th) for guaranteed shipping before Christmas! 

Car Lover Gifts December 13 2010

Are you searching for a gift for that hard-to-please car lover? Are you lost on what he/she might like or does not already have? Well then let me tell you about one of the most unique and obscure car lover gifts I have ever heard of. The Tonic T Case is a one-of-a-kind premium case for your EZ Pass, Ipass, Fastlane Pass. This case fits snugly around your ugly white toll transponder and seals itself with hidden velcro. It then stays in place on your windshield or dashboard with either an included free-of-charge non-slip pad that is made to fit and non-permanent or the supplied 3M Black Velcro. No assembly is required and the case is made to permit the transponder's radio signal to work through its material. A premium EZ Pass holder might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for gifts for a car enthusiast but that is exactly why it is the perfect gift. He doesn't have one and won't have a clue that he's about to get one. At the same time, every car lover who ever goes through a toll booth in the many states that use the EZ Pass, Ipass, or Fast Lane Pass, should despise their toll transponder and will appreciate your gift. Car lover gifts are many and car enthusiasts are choosy but the Tonic T Case is a safe and thoughtful choice.


Gifts for Drivers December 09 2010

Having trouble finding a gift for a driver? Did someone you care about just pass their driving test or get a new car? We have a unique gift for drivers that they will certainly use and probably do not have. Our innovative T-Case is a luxury case the covers up your ugly EZ-Pass, Ipass, FastLane Pass without interfering with its functionality. It is made to work on your windshield or your dash.  Getting a driver gift should not be difficult when you are on our website All you need to do is pick a color and design that you think is most fitting. Some of our customers pick the color that best matches their interior or exterior. Other just pick the one that best matches their style. 

The first thing that you might think of when you think of a driver gift might be a fancy mug, a seat-cover, a nice air freshener, or new floor mats but chances are, he's already got those and even if he doesn't one of his friends or family members is likely to get that for him already. With our product you can be pretty certain he has nothing like it. 

So you're when thinking of a driver gift think of us.

Car Gifts & Car Gadgets December 02 2010

 Ever get stuck wondering what to buy for Christmas? It happens to us all the time! However, this year we are here if you happen to be looking for something special for anyone who likes their car and is looking for a car gift or car gadget. We have a unique car gadget gift that we know that they do not have. How do we know that? Because we just started making these this year. 

 Looking for car gifts is especially hard to find because car lovers are selective about what they want in their cars. There is a good chance that if you guy the wrong car gadget, it will end up sitting in the trunk or in their garage to collect dust. It is also tough to shop for car lovers because there is a pretty good chance that someone else already bought them the very car gift you are about to buy. 

 This year buy him/her a one-of-a-kind car gift that they will definitely use and keep for a long time. Our EZpass holder also holds other toll transponders such as the Ipass and Fastlane Pass and is something your car lover will see every time they get in their car. It works on your windshield and on your dashboard. Each toll pass holder comes with a free pair of black 3M velcro and a custom fitted non-slip pad designed to hold our T-Case on your dashboard without any adhesives. Please don't wait till the last minute!

Cyber Monday doesn't end November 29 2010

Our Cyber Monday sale doesn't just end on Monday. Our additional 15% off discount on purchases of over $20 applies throughout the month but don't wait till the last minute! Christmas is coming up faster than you think! Get the gift for your car-lover that he will actually use and appreciate.

Holiday Sale! November 24 2010

 Tonic Concepts does not want to miss out on being a part of the Black Friday, Cyber-Monday, and Christmas gift celebration. From now until the end of the year we are offering 15% off any purchases totaling over $20! Just use promo code "Holiday" at checkout. Give a gift that your friends and family will actually use and probably do not have! Very few people like their EZPass, IPass, Fastlane Pass and if they like their car or have fashion sense, they probably cringe whenever they see it. With our luxurious and useful T-Case give them a smile every time they get in the car and think of you.




1.      Fake Tans

A nice tan is the unspoken secret to a hot summer bod! Looking orange is so nott!  There is nothing worse than a fake tan that screams “I am too lazy to hit up the beach so I used a  crappy self tanner and a tanning bed.”


2.      Red Lipstick

Some woman can really pull off red lipstick yet others need to take it off!  Red Lipstick is simply more scary than classy.  Think twice before pairing up bloody vampire lips with a cute cocktail dress.


3.       EZ Pass on the windshield

Talk about a gorgeous 2010 summer! While beaches are fun, the traffics are not. More and more drivers are getting an EZPass to avoid lining up for the tolls.  But, a white plastic transponder on the car windshield is like a huge pimple on the forehead. It sure could use some cover up.


4.      Crocs

They are very comfortable and perfect to wear at the beach.  However, the original crocs are  huge fashion mishaps. They remind me of a little Dutch boy with clogs on. If you love your crocs, at least get a pair with designs.


5.      Oversized bug Sunglasses

They are stylish, and they are absolutely sexy. But no matter how cute they are, a pair of oversized bug sunglasses make any woman look like a fly. 


6.      Gladiator Sandals

They are a fashion trend but at the end of the day, Gladiators are just not cute!   They look like something the Ancient Greeks wore thousands of years ago, but decked out with sequins and straps. It’s just overboard.


7.       Over Bleached Hair

It seems like even the darkest brunettes attempt to be play boy bunny blonde in the summer.  However, the over bleached fake blonde hair makes them look more like a drag queen than a model.  I guess blondes have more fun?


New Products! June 15 2010

We've added a few new products due to popular demand!

Check out our His and Her's gift set. We are also selling, for the first time, our non-slip pad and black Velcro separately.

New Website June 11 2010


    Our new website is up! We hope you like it! In addition we are also offering black 3M Velcro along with any T-Case purchase. It looks great with any black or darker color case. To order black Velcro just let us know in the comment box indicated at check-out.

Free Shipping and 10% off promotion extended to 5/12 May 05 2010

Use coupon code “TonicPresale” at checkout

Checkout Working April 15 2010

Paypal is in full working order