Fast Lane Holder - Fast Lane Cover

Fast Lane Holder - Fast Lane Cover

Fast Lane Pass (Massachusetts Department of Transportation)

The Fast Lane Pass is the primary toll device used in Massachusetts and also work in many other states which use similar toll devices (such as EZ Pass). You simply attach the transponder to your windshield and every time you drive through a fast lane pass toll booth, the credit card you previously specified will be charged and a lighted sign will let you know that you have been charged. If you do not mind getting electronic statements rather than paper statements ($2.00), there is no charge or other monthly fee. On top of that you get discounts at various tolls not to mention the extraordinary amount of time you can save by avoiding the cash lane. If you drive through or live in Massachusetts it really does not make sense not to get one…. unless you really like your car and cannot stand the way that the transponder looks. If that is the case then we can help!

First of all, do not try to take apart or permanently alter the appearance of your transponder. It might be tempting to just paint it a different color, however, if your transponder stops working and you need it send it back, you may find yourself paying a fine of $20.95 or $33.04. Tonic Concept’s Fast Lane Pass holder comes in a variety of different designs and unlike other holders and covers out there, this holder has a put a focus on actually improving the look of your toll device. The Tonic Fast Lane Pass Holder comes in genuine or PU leather instead of plastic and its patented design allows you to place your Fast Lane Pass on your dashboard (free custom-fit non-slip pad) or on your dash (black 3M Velcro included free upon request). This is one of those things you get once and never need to buy again. It’s also something that you  can’t help but look at every time you get in your car and something everyone sees whether you are just driving by or are sitting in the passenger’s seat. So if you care about the way your car looks or knows someone else who does (birthday or Christmas gift anyone?), check out the video and pictures at


Fast Lane Pass Discounts:

Allston-Brighton Tolls                                   save $0.25

Sumner and Ted Williams Tunnels                save  $0.50

Tobin Memorial Bridge                                 save  $0.25  (Chelsea and Charlestown carpool program only)

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